i went through erica carroll’s entire twitter feed and there is not a single tweet saying anything rude or inappropriate. if anything, fans have been supportive and expressed both their concern and love for her character.

deancas shippers may act immature and internalize their own misogyny on here frequently (i saw a cashannah photoset this morning where people had written NOTP repeatedly on the post with no thought to putting it in the tags so the gif maker wouldn’t have to see that crap), but stop the insistent bullshit that ~all dc shippers are terrible and tweet hate to the actresses and just want all females to die~. stop. we already went through this with april/sharon lucio, who again received no hate at all from the fandom on twitter.

you’re just giving fuel to the writers allowing them to hide their own misogynistic practices behind a convenient fandom scapegoat (‘we kill women because fans don’t like them wah wah’ no they kill women because they don’t want to take the effort to write them as characters on par with sam, dean, and cas. there may have been a bit of fandom resistance to jo from wincest fandom and meg from deancas fandom, but ultimately the decision to kill them lay with who…the writers DING DING DING. it wouldn’t have affected the ratings if they had been kept alive let’s be fucking real about that. if the show can survive essentially having no characters aside from sam/dean in s7, they can survive having a few extra ones on the sidelines). 

hate a ship all you want, but stop riling people up with baseless accusations about its shippers to try justify your hate (beyond your own personal shipping preferences).


people are already making up that deancas shippers are sending erica carrol (actress who plays hannah) hate when deancas shippers have literally done nothing this


someone ppl truly are desperate to push us down lmao they literally have to make shit up and get ppl to believe it


Prayer Circle for Hannah



I hope that they warned Erica Carroll of all of the unnecessary and inappropriate hate she is now going to get for being Cas’ love interest. That poor actress, man. ‘Cause we all know a bunch of whiny little brats are going to send her hate and death threats for getting in the way of their ‘ship.’ 


Unless you have screencaps of Destiel shippers actually sending her hate, don’t say it happened or is gonna happen.

Last season everyone went on about how much hate the actress playing April got, even thought the actress said she got none, and was confused about why people thought she was. It was all rumor and lies.

As far as I’ve seen, no one has sent Erica hate. Some people have tried to explain to her why they are upset, what the issues are (the consent issues, the heteronormativity, the turning every female character into a love interest, etc), but there was no hate or anger directed at her.

If you want to accuse the Destiel shippers of sending hate to Erica Carroll, well then…



"(romance) isn’t what the show is about"

spn writers: put dean together with chick number 1,2,3,4,5

spn writers: make a bad ass demon fall in love with cas

spn writers: sam and ameila man pain





I still feel so fucking hurt and betrayed by the way the way tptb queerbaited us with deancas 

like I used to legitimately believe that there was a chance that dean and cas could become a romantic coupe on the show

and I actually thought all the “wait and see” tweets, or the shameless baiting on the show meant something

but no fuck me I was so wrong

they only exploited their lgbt fans for ratings, for then to treat us like shit later

like they even had the fucking guts to use the same fucking dialog with the straight couple in the spin-off, that they had used between dean and cas previously, and still pretend they never wrote dean/cas as a romantic couple on purpose

like just????? fUCK

so yeah no if people are happy about cas/hannah or dean/x amount of ons’s, that’s great and all, but don’t except me to share your enthusiasms anytime soon

tbh I just feel stupid for believing in this trash show to begin with


Seriously, can someone say there is something metaphorical about Gabriel, Lucifer and Michael being brothers? They made pretty damn clear it’s a familial relationship. And it’s not just the archangels. Throughout the series the angels have been given multiple scenes together where it’s clear that they are siblings in the way that we know it - for example, the scene between Raphael and Castiel that floats across my dash frequently.

Then we have Gadreel, whose relationship to his sisters and brothers was just that, brotherly.

It’s repeatedly made clear that they are a family. There’s nothing metaphorical about it. Unless it’s about love interests. Then suddenly it just ceases mattering. And I can’t wrap my head around this.

Not to mention, I’m an example of a person who got into this show with little understanding of how storytelling and subtext and what the hell works. I understood exactly what was shown to me: a family. Don’t tell me the casual viewers looked at the same material and went, “oh, a metaphor.”


No but “jerk” and “bitch” between Dean and Crowley? Cas/Hannah?

Is their new goal to piss off EVERY. SINGLE. FAN?


I made a chart so it’s easier to understand


I made a chart so it’s easier to understand


Female BAMFs Throughout History